Friday's letters


Dear blog friends: Thank you for your kind words about our Hank dog. You have no idea how much they mean.

Dear Coco: Please stop chasing the horses. They are bigger than you and can kill you. Not to mention run through fences. If you don't stop, you won't be staying with us.

Dear Facebook: I do not like your timeline. Therefore, I will not voluntarily swap to it.

Dear Rain: Thank you for showing up. Please make the grass seed my hubby spent an entire day planting and we spent a lot of money on grow. Oh, and stick around so hubs will help me with some inside projects this week, K?

Dear Cooper: It's OK to take a nap between the time you come home and bedtime. We love you and want to play as well, but when you are rubbing your eyes, cranky and fighting sleep, that's not very fun. I promise, you will still get your bedtime feeding.

Dear 2012: Why are you flying by so quickly?

Dear employer: Receiving my 2012-2013 fiscal year calendar today was the highlight of my week. Thank you for a two-week Christmas break.

Dear Burger King: Although my husband had a weak moment and demanded a whopper the other night and I gave in and ordered a salad, things still aren't OK between us. Bring back your old menu with the old prices. Please.

Dear stomach skin: I know you were stretched quite a bit. But that was almost five months ago. It's OK to go back to normal. I'd like to wear a semi-fitted shirt some day.

Dear running shoes: Someday we will spend quality time together again. But I just can't find the time, nor do I want to possibly jinx my milk supply. 

Dear allergies: Go away. I don't like you, especially when you cause me to let out a huge sneeze while nursing and it scares the living daylights out of my son.

Dear Rules of Engagement: You rock. Never change, K?

Dear Husband: You are amazing. Thank goodness I have you to listen to and support me. I love you.

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  1. I love these letters! I may participate next week... if I can. :)

    I hate the timeline too. I'll never voluntarily switch.

  2. I read your last post about Hank (while at work) and it made me cry! I'm sorry for your loss!

    do you plan on getting another pup one day?

  3. Hi Michelle, Just started following your blog! (I'd love it if you'd follow back too ;-) ) Your letters made me smile. Burger King- my husband used to work there. You'd think he'd be sick of the food. Nope. Not even! He still loves it all! (I totally agree on the prices! good grief!!!!) I love their salads. And... way too many other things! I'm thankful fast food just has not sounded very good this pregnancy because oiy! So tasty but SO not good for me!! Isn't it amazing how much the stomach can stretch? (AND so annoying huh!) My running shoes are on the shelf for now because I've been having issues with too much movement this pregnancy (ugh!) Glad to have found you :) Praying for you too. it is never easy losing a pet! They are so much like family!! ((hugs))


  4. Running shouldn't impact milk supply. We never had any lactic acid taste issues either. What have you read/heard?

  5. Your letter to your stomach made me laugh! I wish that we could WILL ourselves into shape, don't you?! I am starting a health/fitness series on my blog wednesday, and the first exercise it to tighten the core so you will have to check it out! thanks for linking up with me!



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