Things I will never again take for granted

Between a new job and baby, there have been a lot of changes in my corner of the world in the past year. Sometimes I find myself doing something I haven't done in a long time, and laugh at how nice it is to do it again.

Such as ...
  • Sleeping on my tummy & flat on my back. Although now that it's tough to sleep on my side if I wake up after 3 a.m., I'm kinda missing that too.
  • Eating deli meat. Oh my word. I craved Subway like none other while pregnant. For the longest time after Cooper was born, I just had a deli sandwich for lunch every day and it was heavenly.
  • Being able to sleep past 8 a.m.
  • Leaving the house. It used to be so easy, now it's more of a production.
  • Wearing whatever I want. Today I rebelled and decided to wear a non-pumping friendly dress to work and just brought shorts to wear while I pump.
  • Having time to myself. I relish my bath time every night.
  • Having a sane mind. I forget things all the time. Yesterday, I left my pump at home, but thankfully noticed after leaving the babysitters. That could have been painful.
  • Evenings at home with my boys. I'm having to help with some night presentations now, and I hate not getting my full 3-4 hours.
  • A date night. So much work in getting a sitter, packing everything up or getting all the instructions together, etc. Hubs and I have only been out three times alone since C was born.
  • Grocery shopping after work. We now go on the weekends.
  • Knowing everything that was going on in town. I still do to an extent, but not nearly as much.
  • Only working 32 hours a week. Obviously the paychecks weren't as nice, but I had the time to clean my house and do laundry.
  • Getting a mileage check. Most of my driving now is getting to & from work {especially when I go to our main campus} so reimbursement doesn't apply :(
  • The ability to cook a time-intensive dinner. It only happens on the weekends these days.
  • How nice it is to have a bare-ish room. Plastic has taken over our living room and we're considering moving the swing downstairs this weekend since it hasn't been used in a week or two. I can only imagine it getting worse.
  • How precious it is to have a sweet little boy, full of love and smiles! Makes the craziness worth it. Even if he weren't so exceptional :)

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  1. I can't wait to sleep on my tummy and back again. Aaaghh!

    Deli meat confession - I totally ate it while pregnant. My doc said it should be ok and that most meat is precooked - like Subway and other deli meats. So as long as it was precooked meat I could have it.

    I'm planning to alternate date night sitters between my mom and MIL. MIL is in our development but It'd be nice if she'd watch him at our house. But mom, she (and dad too) can come to our house to watch him. She has too many dogs and I really don't' want him there at her house without me. Hopefully my dream of this doesn't get shot down. They both have offered and want him as much as possible. 2 hours away will be good for us. Date night has always been important to us.

    Reading your posts about pumping at work always gives me anxiety. I'll have to go up to another office to pump because mine has no privacy and is VERY open. So I'll have to use the spare office here and shut the door when I return. Obvious much? lol

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  3. Ha! I think most Mommies can relate to this. This weekend I am selling all of my baby stuff . . . sniff sniff. While I will love the extra room, it makes me very sad.

  4. I found myself nodding in agreement to almost every single one of these! It's amazing how much having a baby can change your life. But you are right- it is SO, SO worth it!


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