monday mish mash

  • Yes, my last post was also a bulleted one, but oh well.
  • How is it already April? I mean, seriously. And my calendar for the month is already quite full, so I'm sure this month will fly by, too.
  • It hit 90 degrees here yesterday. Yowza. Naturally, I decided to spend some time outside and wash my car, so I ended up with a burn.
  • Mister Cooper was a big redneck this weekend and hung out in nothing more than a diaper most of the time.
  • 04.01.12
  • We turned on the air today. We usually make it to mid-May or even June, but enough was enough. Yesterday, I had the windows open and fans running. I think it hit about 85 in the house? Before bed, we closed the windows that someone could get into the house through, and it just stayed SO hot.
  • Not to mention, my little boo didn't take the heat too well. Around bedtime, we noticed he was hot, and his temp was around 101. At first he didn't want to eat which concerned me, but he did 30 minutes later. Hand, foot and mouth is going around at his daycare, so I figured he was developing that. Well, he slept well until about 3 a.m., then woke up and was still burning up and no rash. So I made the executive decision to just turn on the air. We did that and Tylenol, and by 6:30 a.m., his temp was back to normal. Worth every penny.
  • Sometimes, it just feels good to be a gangsta :)
  • 3.30.12
  • He discovered his tongue late last week, and now you'd think it's the greatest thing ever. And don't get me started on how intrigued he is by his feet/toes when he remembers about them.
  • Coop has a new friend, Daisy. She's a Scentsy pal from his Aunt Amy :)
  • 3.31.12
  • My sweet hubby knows that my self-image isn't the greatest, so he bought me some tanning minutes last week and surprised me on Friday :) My legs have been looking so pasty and pale, which in turn, makes me think they look thick. He even bought them at the most expensive place in town, because it's two blocks from my work so super easy for me to get there. Of course they are booked today, but there's an appointment on Wednesday afternoon with my name on it.
  • This big guy celebrated his 18th birthday last week :)

  • I think I'm going to finally try OMG Chicken this week. Hubby said no, becauase of all the mayo, but I'm told you can sub Greek yogurt, so that's how we'll have ours.

  • I royally sucked at my March goals. I don't even want to embarrass myself by recapping them.
  • Maybe I should just repeat all of those goals for the month of April. And sign up for a 5K so I'll have to train for it?
  • I'm very intrigued about the Hunger Games. I just know that once I start reading, I won't stop ... and I don't exactly have a full weekend to burn ...

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  1. Loving Coopers pictures! The one of him outside on the porch and his tongue sticking out is totally adorable!

    I haven't got into Hunger Games. I hear the rants and raves about it and they didn't steer me wrong with Twilight but I can't find the desire to start reading it. I bought the last book in the Stephanie Plum series in Jan (that came out in NOV!) and haven't had time to pick that up yet.

    My husband used to talk me into not kicking on the ac. But I get so hot and cranky and can't sleep (and since I pay the electric bill..) I can agree.. when it's that hot.. it's worth every penny!

  2. Gangsta... straight. up. haha I love it!
    and we had to turn our air on too... such a drag! I was hoping we could wait a while, but it's just been WAY too hot. It makes me nervous about what July and August will be like!

  3. Coop is soo darn cute!! Love the pic of him in the bandana. Your horses are beautiful and young, my mare is getting old at 23!! Great weekend, let us know on the OMG chicken, I might have to try it too!!

  4. Hunger Games is SO addicting. Read it!

  5. Cooper is such a little flirt for the camera!! so adorable!

    and hunger games is by far the best thing i have read since twilight. and the movie is just as good! i literally read the entire series (3 books) in 4 days because i couldn't put it down!

  6. Seriously, Coop is adorable!!! I can't believe y'all have made it this long with no air - we are whimps!! :)
    I'm running my second 5K in a couple of weeks and have yet started back running. We can be each others accountability partners "over the net" " :)
    Hope you are doing great!!!!

  7. Well look at mr coop! he is one cute little guy! Oh and you have to read hunger games, you'll love them. I tried the OMG chicken, it was well, okay to me but maybe it would be better with the greek yogurt instead of the mayo. Just didn't have enough flavor or maybe I just screwed it up! Ha! I'm sure yours will taste goood!


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