Where do you ...

shop for clothes?

Since Cooper was born, I've not done much clothes shopping. Don't get me wrong, I definitely need to - my closet needs a little updating and in a different job, I'd like a few more professional pieces.

I just don't know where to do it. I go to the juniors department and everything looks too young. I walk to the women's/misses department and everything looks frumpy and old.

I seem to have the most luck at Old Navy - I love the classic look. But they are a bit too casual for what I'm needing.

Say I'm at a store and find something that may work. The dressing room is even more of an enemy these days, friends - and I'm not totally sure why. Yes, I just had a baby. But I weigh about 5 lbs. less than I did when I got pregnant! {Thank you, breastfeeding} Now, I have to deal with larger lady lumps, a very loose tummy, and a shrinking butt.

Yes, you read that right. I truly believe having a baby made my butt smaller. My pants that were stretched out in that area now look a bit too loose.

I think I had this problem before, but lied to myself and bought the too-young clothes anyhow so I could be hip and look younger. While I still like a lot of those, it's not really feasible right now either - I shy away from tops too tight on my boobs/tummy, and definitely can't wear anything very low because nursing bras are crap.

So what are you suggestions? Best styles for a new (nursing) mom? Department to shop in? Specific stores? Keep in mind, I live pretty much in BFE, so my choices are limited to basically Kohls, JCP, Old Navy, Macys, Charlotte Russe and NY&Co. Oh, and I'm sure it goes without saying, but I'd like to have affordable items that I can easily mix & match.

And, because it's boring to have a post without pictures, my little love bug. Who is so worth it all!

Little rancher 4.21.12

Who knew toes could be so interesting?

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  1. My casual work wardrobe consists almost entirely of clothes from Ann Taylor LOFT. I used coupons and caught sales to stock my closet. Nearly everything there is work appropriate and classic but still somewhat trendy. Most importantly, nearly everything mixes and matches, even from season to season/year to year. I haven't really purchased work clothes since 2007, and the stuff I have still works when I have to go into the office. The clothes fit women without looking old and frumpy too. If you can't get to a store in person, you could try ordering online. I found their pants to be pretty true to size and tops to be somewhat large...then again, I didn't have nursing breasts and a post-baby body back then, so maybe the shirts would be true to size now ;) Good luck!

  2. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat so I don't have any suggestions but I am so glad to know that someone else ended up with the "mommy butt!" It's so weird, isn't it? I joke that all the fat from my butt went straight to my tummy and it's there to stay!

  3. Do you have a Dress Barn? They have good sales but otherwise are more expensive than I prefer. I like Target and Kohls though. Target is probably my go-to store and when I can't find anything there I head to Old Navy, Kohls, and anchor stores at the mall like JCP, Sears, ect.

    I can't do Juniors anymore. I've probably been off of that for a good 5 years or so. It looks too teeny bopper. And you're right some of the Misses looks too old but I think they're doing a better job these days than the past few years.

  4. I haven't had any children, but I get a lot of my work clothes from Limited and Express. You can order online and they have lots of sales if you sign up for their mailing list. Limited almost always has 40 or 50% off of something on their website. :) I like their tops and dresses a lot. I usually wear Express dress pants and even though they're $$, they last forever and wear really well. I've also noticed that the pieces I hang onto the longest are from Express so maybe I should start shopping there more. I don't know if you live close to a Target but they have some really great dress clothes for super cheap. I have bough tons of dresses from there and they hold up really well! Good luck--shopping for work clothes can be so difficult sometimes!!

  5. Since I'm not a mommy I really can't help you in that field, but I can tell you where I find cute clothes. My stores consist of...
    Old Navy - I mainly shop here for casual cltohes, but some of there tops can be used for casual/dressy and they have really cute dresses!
    Gap - I usually just shop at the Outlet because I can't bring myself to pay $40 for a shirt or $80 for dress pants. To me that is crazy! I'm not sure if you have an Outlet around you but if you do they have great prices!!
    Ann Taylor Loft - My FAVORITE store ever, but I have to plan when I want to shop there, because they are a little pricey but everything goes with everything, so you can easily change from casual to dressy and winter to spring! Love it! And they run awesome sales, but you have to watch for them!
    Francescas - they have adorable dressier tops! And sometimes I get lucky and find cute stuff at Target but it's mainly just dresses. I like to shop at little boutiques because I don't have to worry about seeing everyone with the same clothes I have.
    Oh and I can't forget Kohl's LOVE that store. Lauren Conrad has some cute staple pieces there and I think it's Kohl's brand that I usually find some cute stuff and if you get a credit card you get coupons sent to you in the mail to where you can get up to 30% off your purchase.
    Sorry for the long post, but I love me some clothes!! :)


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