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Since the weather has been getting warmer, it seems like there are a ton of things going on, so hubby, Coop and I are getting out a lot more often.

Pretty much everywhere we go, we run into someone we haven't seen since Mister Cooper was born. And we almost always get the same question: How do you like being a parent?

I love it. More than I ever thought possible. I'm not sure words can even describe just how fortunate and blessed I feel. When I go to pick up my angel and the kids announce "Cooper's Mommy is here" once I walk in the door, it just makes me so happy.

Right now, I consider being "Cooper's Mommy" my No. 1 job. Yes, my marriage, other family and household jobs like cooking, cleaning & laundry are also important, but they aren't what life is all about anymore. Yes, I have a job, and although I really believe in what I'm doing, it's primarily a paycheck. I so wish I could use my retirement now and work until I'm 75, because I want this time with my baby.

After stressing when Cooper was first born and I returned to work about the house always being a mess, I've learned to let things go. All I have to do at night is prepare supper, bottles, and wash the pump parts. Everything else can wait, because Coop won't wait to grow up. I can't pause him while I wash a load of laundry. Dishes can always be washed, but my baby won't always want to sit in my lap and play with my hair and face and examine my hands like they are the most awesome things he's ever seen.

Being a mom is, by far, the hardest job ever. But it's the best one too. Walking into Cooper's room in the morning and seeing his smiling face while he does his leg lifts (gotta build up those abs!) makes my morning. Picking him up and feeling him tighten his grip on my shoulders or around my neck makes me feel like a superwoman. When he's sleeping in my arms, the clock seems to be on fast forward. Seeing him play and interact with his daddy melts my heart. I could spend all day, every day, with him and never grow tired of it.

That's not to say I don't, on some level, miss the independence I had before he was born. Instead of buying new clothes or things for myself, I use my extra money on my bubby. I can't remember the last time hubby & I got dressed up and went out on the town. Sure, I miss it, but when we aren't home with Coopy during "our" time, I miss my baby even more.

Becoming a mom is a powerful thing. For me, it knocked me off my feet and showed me exactly what life is about - putting others first and spending time with them. I may get frustrated when I'm trying to do dishes and Coop is whining. But how priceless is it when I stop what I'm doing, walk over and pick him up, and it's all smiles and giggles? It totally makes it worth it. Having a messy living room and mountains of laundry is OK as long as it means I've spent more time with my boy.

Being a mom is tough. But I've never once wished I was in a different situation. At the end of the day, I thank God for a happy, healthy baby, who is the most adorable little boy in the entire world. I'm so happy God picked me to be Cooper's Mommy!

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  1. And you're a good Momma!!! :)

  2. This is such a good post! I'm starting to understand where you wish "retirement" was now. Seriously, I wish it wasn't so hard to be a SAHM or just work on a part time basis -yet still have the income I have now. I need the money I make, unfortunately. He's not even here yet and I'm already wishing I could be home more with him. :\

  3. You really hit the nail on the head with what things really matter in parenting. Love it. It's so freeing to realize all that, isn't it? yeah, it's nice to have all the laundry done, all the dishes put away, and the house sparkling, but looking back years later, I don't think any parent says "I am so glad I chose a clean house over time with my kids!" Yeah.. lol so not!! (Just wait until he gets older and can help some! It helps! :) Then you can make memories together AND kindof get a handle on keeping the house clean! This can also go the other way too! Our son decides the toys NEED to all be out because they'll be lonely by themselves put away! ha!) Thank you too for a good post on the pros and cons of parenting. It's not all easy and rainbows and sunshine. And sometimes it's good to write about that! But oh is it worth it!


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