Nine months later ...

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how I would like to be in much better shape 40 weeks after delivery. Coupling that with an upcoming work trip for the hubby, I have really been busting my booty.

Once Cooper was born, it didn't take any time at all for me to shed the baby weight. Honestly, it was a little too easy - Within one week, I was back at my pre-preggo weight, and by 1.5 weeks, I was wearing my regular {low-rise} jeans again.

That made me a little too confident ... and with breastfeeding, I was full of excuses for being a chubby wubby pig. But a few weeks ago, I decided it was time for all that to change.

In addition to trying to cut back and eat healthier {lots of oatmeal, and no more second breakfasts for this girl!} I've been doing some working out. Primarily running three nights a week.

We began running in the evenings two weeks ago and I couldn't even go a quarter of a mile. But I've been pushing myself hard and, last night, made it up to 1.75 miles without stopping. Hubs and I are hoping to do a 5K later in September, so I'm not only running to get in shape {running seriously helps zap the fat on this mama} but also to train. I'm ecstatic to be over halfway there in terms of being able to run the entire distance!

Anyhow ... Right now, I weigh about four pounds less than I did when I got pregnant. However, I can tell that I am gaining lots of muscle and tone, and things are definitely changing! While I'm not where I want to be, I'd say I'm about where I was 18 months ago, and definitely working to get things flatter, tighter, etc.

So, here I am this morning:

Definitely not great and nowhere near where I hoped I would be. However, putting things into perspective and remembering I wasn't exactly a model before I conceived helps out, too. I've definitely figured out that whatever else I lose I am going to have to earn - I was extremely fortunate to lose the "baby weight" as quickly as I did, and to be back in all of my regular clothes around 4 months pp - the tough ones being pants that hit right at the middle of my belly.

Once I get in the groove of running, I would love to add some exercises on my "off" days from running. Obviously this has to be something decently quick that I can do in my basement ... suggestions?


  1. You look great! Congrats on running - isn't it so fun!! :)

  2. Great job! You've done better than me! I love Zumba and Just Dance Sweat, it's on Just Dance 3. My kids love to dance with me too so it makes exercising more fun!!

  3. 1.75 miles is awesome! Way to go girl!

  4. Fantastic job on on the running! We're starting walking/jogging (okay...mostly walking--I'm 6 months preggo, so I get a break, right?!) and yoga on the off days. We're using the P90X yoga video.


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