Five on Friday

{1} This is technically my last working Friday until August! Excited for no Fridays, not so excited for the 7 to 6 hours. Anyhow, we do have a golf tournament on a Friday in June so I'll be working that, and since I'm professional staff, I'm technically always on call, so it's rare that I actually get the full day off, but at least I don't feel obligated to drop everything to do something ASAP since I'm not in the office.
And thankfully, this week has gone by quickly as well. You never know about those four-day holiday weeks :)

{2} I've spoken about it before, but we have work that we need done on our patio/basement drainage. The builder is my dad's cousin and has been putting us off, but it looks like he will be coming out next week! We are so excited because it will triple our back patio area (not to mention take away the worry of water getting in our basement) and I can't wait to spend lots of nights out there this summer!

{3} Hubby has been working on baling hay this week, and the weather has given him a run for his money. Thankfully he got it done last night. He always does some areas around our house (including by the ditch) first just to make sure everything is working right. Well, we took Cooper out the other day and I pointed out the ditch. Let's just say we need to work on the d sound, because it currently sounds more like a b. So cute though.

{4} My sweet friend Bel (the newlywed) is in town this week, but not under the best circumstances. Her dad had a heart attack last week and ended up having triple bypass on Tuesday. So if you are adding anyone to your prayer list right now, I know they would appreciate it!

{5} I got my hair cut today! It was mostly just a trim/thinning that was desperately needed. I've already made an appt. to go back and get some color in a few weeks too and am sooooooo excited.

Have a good weekend!

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