Weekend wrapup

This weekend definitely wasn't long enough! They never are, right?

Friday was the annual golf tournament at the school where I work, so I was on the road kinda early. I intended to get in a workout first, but my little man woke up and wanted to spend time with me, so how could I say no? After a much too long (but fun!) day, I got home around 8:30. I had already eaten, so I decided to get in my workout (just a single, no double!) Hubs and I curled up to try and catch up on Big Brother, but I was so exhausted, I ended up falling asleep only about 20 minutes in!

On Saturday, we got up and at it! While sitting outside drinking coffee, I starting pulling weeds in the flower bed (they have more or less taken over in the past month!) I was about to quit, then hubs started helping, saying we should at least get that section done. Well, by the time we finished it, we decided to just finish them off. Then we got the area around our trees in the front yard. When all was said and done, I'd say we probably spent at least 1.5 hours pulling weeds!

The rest of the day was filled with laundry, cleaning inside and outside. I think we didn't even slow down to eat dinner until after 9?

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast, then went to work in our basement. I was trying to do some cleaning/organizing in our storage closet/room while hubby figured out what he needs to hook up the sink and toilet in the bathroom and made a list. I did a workout and then we headed to town to hit Lowe's and do grocery shopping, as well as grab a bite to eat.

C fell asleep on the way home but actually wanted to go back to bed, so we got about 1.5 hours to work uninterrupted! I wanted to go for a run, so around 6:30 p.m. we laced up and hit the pavement. It had rained earlier in the day which actually cooled things off and felt SO GOOD!

How's that for a time? I was shocked! Maybe my next goal needs to be to run a 5K in under 26 minutes?

That night, we grilled out and enjoyed it on our new and improved patio. Then it was time to get to bed and begin another {short!} week!

I've kinda fallen off the menu planning wagon and can tell. We've been doing a lot more "quick" meals but I wanted to get back on track this week, so....

Sunday: Grilled burgers, beans, potatoes/salad
Monday: Spicy sausage pasta, corn on the cob
Tuesday: Leftover burgers, fries (I'll do a salad or sweet potato fries as my side)
Wednesday: Leftover sausage pasta, corn on the cob
Thursday: Roast with potatoes and carrots, green beans
Friday: Fourth of July! We'll likely go to a big dinner a few towns away with fried chicken, dressing, kettle beef and gravy, etc.
Saturday: Salmon, mac & cheese, peas

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  1. Girl, you are ON IT with your working out! Way to go!


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