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1. It's never too late... to change! Always possible! 

2. I compare myself to others... too much. I'm working on it. Because I need to live in the moment, not want to weigh less, have more, be a better mom, etc. Because all that does is take my focus away from actually DOING those things.

3. My personality is... bipolar. Ha! It really just depends. Honestly, I'm probably too nice and let things slide, until someone pushes me over then edge, then BAM! Hopefully people think I'm nice and easy-going ... until they take advantage of it.
4. I can... run 6 miles without stopping Maybe not today, but I have and will again. This is probably one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

5. I embrace change... it depends on the change! Sometimes it's tough, sometimes I roll with it. But I figure change is inevitable, so I need to just get on board!   

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  1. I feel the same way with all of these except the 6 miles. Not there yet, not even close!


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