Our Fourth weekend :)

Gah. The longer the weekend, the harder the Monday.

Since we were scheduled to be closed on Friday anyhow, we ended up getting Thursday off to observe the 4th. I declared it a Coopy-Mommy Day and we had lots of fun.

By 9:30 a.m., we had breakfast (donuts for the lucky boy!) and played outside with bubbles, chalk and riding toys. We were both exhausted then so I set Cooper up with a movie while I escaped to my bedroom to work on a freelance design project, as well as argue with insurance people. UGH!


We took a little break for ravioli and such for lunch, then I got C to take a nap while I did more design work. Hubby got home kinda early, so I hurried to squeeze in my workout. Hubby wanted to get some hay cut, so he took off and I did a few other things around the house. Once he got home, we decided to pick up some fun fireworks for Cooper and went to town. It was kinda late, so we just dropped in BK for dinner.


Once we got home, we put on a little fireworks show. And swatted the bugs/mosquitoes.

Friday morning we slept as long as Cooper would let us, and then got up and at 'em! Hubby had broken a piece on his hay cutter the day prior, so went ended up at Orscheln.

His brother ended up finishing cutting the hay, so that was good --- once we got the piece fixed, we went home to get cleaned up and go to the Fourth of July picnic I grew up going to - they have fried chicken, chicken and dressing and so much more at this meal. No, I didn't track :) It's super small town, so we let Coop bounce in the jump house a bit and ride the "train" (driven by a lawn mower) then headed with my parents to their house.

My dad was burning the wheat fields that day so we provided some extra eyes. Thankfully there were no issues.

After that, we went home. It was after 5 and poor Cooper skipped his nap so he crashed while I did some work around the house/cooked supper. After we ate, we got cleaned up to go watch a larger fireworks show near where we live.


Saturday was busy! I think hubby spent the entire day outside, lawn mowing and weed eating, lol. I did end up doing my double workout since I never got it in on Friday.

Then Sunday morning I made hubby go for a run with me. Pushed the jogging stroller again and my biceps hate me for it.

Hubby had to finish the hay (which took until 10 p.m.) so I was a single mom most of the afternoon. Laundry. House work. Grocery shopping.

Clingy, crazy kid. Good thing he's cute, he's the reason I drink :)

This is a short week for us, as we are heading up to STL for a Cardinals game on Thursday! But I did do a quick little meal plan :)

Sunday: Leftovers/what we had in the fridge
Monday: Hawaiian chicken, rice, slaw
Tuesday: Pork chop and potato casserole, fresh corn on the cob
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday/Friday: Out/vacation
Saturday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, macaroni in tomato juice

Monday morning selfie! Didn't intend to be patriotic but hey, it works!

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