Three year anniversary

Yesterday, hubby and I celebrated a big three years of marriage. No, it's not a HUGE anniversary - but it's our day and we intend to celebrate it, because these days, even three years seems hard for many couples (and believe me, we've had lots of ups and downs too!)

Leather is the "traditional" gift for the third year, so we originally bought each other Sperrys. I got a great sale and purchased them a few weeks back, but they have been sitting in the box, waiting for the anni (didn't want to jinx anything.)

WELL, then our friend the jeweler decided to do a big 50% off sale Monday-Wednesday of this week, so we ended up spoiling each other a bit more. Hubby wanted cuff links and I couldn't pick a fave, so figured I'd just get him two since they are half price. I wanted some new gold earrings and picked out a couple of less expensive pairs.

Then the owner walked in with a box of jewelry he had purchased at an estate sale. I browsed, trying on rings, etc. And I found THEM. The most beautiful pair of earrings ... a small hoop, with several diamonds set in yellow gold. They weren't priced so we asked ... and I almost choked and handed them back. I loved them more than I was willing to admit.

So back to yesterday. Of course, it was a 7-6 work day. Hubby offered to pick up Cooper, which was great! I pulled into the garage and got a call from hubby, asking where I was ... he and Cooper were around back and he wanted me to know.

I walked into the kitchen so I could hurry up and fill out his card. That boy had potatoes on the stove and the table was set, including wine glasses <3. Once I came downstairs, he was grilling. He had bought chicken, Caesar salad mix and crescent rolls. Yummy (Yes, I pretty much doubled my calories yesterday AND skipped my workout :)) We had some vino that we brought back from California earlier this year.

Then we opened our gifts. I looked at the one he gave me and CRACKED UP because when I was browsing cards I knew that if he saw that one, he would buy it for me. Then he said that he had the same one I bought him in his hand to buy until he found the one he did buy - ha!

So we opened our bags and I found these - what I told him my top pick was.

He loved his cuff links. I started cleaning up and then he walked into the room and handed me ANOTHER gift bag and said something like "since you were so generous I guess you can have this one too."

picture doesn't even come close to doing these beauties justice

And I found THESE! The expensive pair that I didn't expect at all. Yay! I love them and they are definitely an investment but gah! I may or may not have shrieked. And cried a little bit.

That husband of mine, he sure is a keeper :) Of course it's more than just gifts and home cooked suppers. Despite how much we get on each other's nerves, he is my best friend and the only person I want to live this life with. He is my heart and I'm so lucky to call him mine.

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  1. So sweet! Love those earrings! Happy anniversary!!


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