Sacrifices worth making (and those I'll never make)

It's no secret I've been working to lose weight and get in shape. Over the last six months, I've done a ton of working out, but I've also realized I can eat my way through any workout, so I've made lots of changes to my diet. I figure I'll try anything once, and thought I would share what substitutions will stay, and what I'll continue consuming, even if it is "bad" for me.

What I'm Loving:
  • Turkey bacon/sausage. I taste no difference and actually like the texture/flavor more being less fatty. Total win.
  • Spaghetti squash. The flavor/texture is totally different than noodles, but I like it and believe it's more filling! So good too!
  • Cottage cheese. The look of this was difficult for me to get over, but it's really good!
  • Peppers and hummus. I'm still not a fan of cooked peppers, but like it raw, and the hummus
  • The "flat out" type wraps from Aldi, etc. I use them in place of tortillas for breakfast, tacos, sometimes sandwiches
  • English muffins. Yum-O
  • Greek Yogurt. I especially love the Muller corner ones - I was buying plain and doing my own strawberries, etc. to mix in, so this makes life easier. And I have caught them on sale at Aldi before. (Not being paid to say that, just love them.)
What I'm Not Sure About:
  • Avocado. Tried it last week instead of mayo mixed with tuna. Don't think it was a good one and will try it again. (I mostly thought it was bland)
  • Skipping the cheese. Worth the 90 calories. However, I ran out of my cheese (swiss all the way!) and forgot to get some at the store over the weekend, so I've been doing my breakfast sandwich (English muffin, egg and 1 slice turkey bacon) without and actually haven't missed it too much.
  • Skipping mayo. Kinda depends on trying the avocado again.
  • Edamame. It's OK. I've tried both the dry roasted and the steamable bags. I don't mind the steamed but it's a LOT of work.
  • Banana pancakes. They would be better with syrup but I figured that may be defeating the purpose?
What I Never Want to See Again
  • Quinoa. That ish is disgusting
  • Brussels Sprouts. They even smell gross.
What else do I need to add to my list? I'm really trying to branch out and try new things, even though I am a super picky eater!

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  1. Your hard work is paying off! I will admit, I can't offer too many suggestions because I still eat like crap pretty often. However, I make these quesadilla/wrap things that I think are easy and sorta healthy. Well they are if you take out the sour cream and tone down the cheese! Ha! Anyway, here is the link, just in case you're interested.


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