June/July goals

I'm in serious denial that it is already July. Craziness! But it is what it is, and time to look at how I did on my goals last month and set some for this month.

{1} I didn't weigh in daily. I had hoped to only weigh in on days I needed to for challenges/etc. I did do a little more than that, but made strides in not weighing because I had a cheat day and knew it would just make me feel bad.

{2} Still going strong on T25 and loving it!

{3} I did great on the cutting back on going out to eat UNTIL this week - we grabbed lunch while grocery shopping on Sunday and then I had lunch out on Monday because a friend who lives four hours away was in town. In my defense, I had brought lunch, and ate it on Tuesday. This was good for my health and my wallet.

{4}I got in 17.1 miles! Walking at lunch a few times over the course of the month really helped with this.

{5} Rocked this goal! I think there were a couple weeks I had no alcohol, and the others it was one or one a few sips.

{6} I drink water like it's my job, and typically consume a gallon a day!

{7} Done, with an extra 100 minutes thrown in.

{8} Big, fat fail. I did it about 10 days, but then had to start doing the exercises in reps and threw in the towel.

So, what's on tap for July?

Hopefully pretty self explanatory. I would like to continue on some of the previous goals, but the only ones I put down were T25 and the water just for the sake of keeping this brief. In terms of family, we have a little trip planned for next weekend, and hubby is off a week later this month and I'll take off at the end of the week, so we are hoping to go camping or something like that. Tracking my food will be the biggest hurdle, I know!

How are you doing on your goals?

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