Midweek randoms

How is it already Wednesday? It's been a crazy busy week, but I like it that way!

  • Today kicks off our town's big annual 4-day rodeo. It's put on by a great group of guys who give back all of the proceeds to the community, including the institution where I work :) So I wore my rodeo shirt to work today.
  • We are going to the big event tonight. Which I'm sure means work will be torture tomorrow, LOL!
  • I had a 5K over the weekend, so took last week off from T25 to focus more on running (I couldn't train and do Gamma, it was way too intense!). I meant to start back on Monday, but didn't get home until late and honestly, this is a crazy week, so I'm just doing my own thing, which is much more low-key and will probably include lots of lunchtime walks :) I've also been doing more workouts from my Skimble app. Love it!

  • Speaking of the 5K ... I went in with hopes of finishing in less than 26 and crushed that goal. So obviously, the goal for the next one is under 25.
  • I hit a pretty big weight loss goal last week (I want to lose about 5 more lbs. then maintain for the most part) so naturally, the hubs sent me flowers. Good job!
  • We went to one of Cooper's friends birthday parties over the weekend and he had a blast! They haven't seen each other for about 8 weeks due to the babysitter debacle, so I think they were glad to be reunited.

  • August is going to be SUCH a busy month. Rodeo parade/rodeo concert (hello, Bret Michaels!) is on Saturday, then we have a 55th wedding anniversary next weekend, a wedding the next, and finally Labor Day the last weekend of the month. Can't believe it feels like the month is practically over already and its only the 6th!

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  1. You look amazing! Keep up the good work! I must have missed something...what happened to the babysitter?


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