Yeehaw! It's rodeo time!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we went to the rodeo last night! It was so much fun - for the first time in awhile, I really enjoyed the rodeo, and I think it's because Cooper enjoyed that and the clown acts so much.

Because, you know, since I turned 21, the rodeo has been more about the Coors :)

Anyhow, we got all dressed up and had some fun before leaving the house.

Once we got to the Rodeo Grounds, it was sprinkling a bit which was a major bummer. Thankfully, it was light and finished up before the big event began.

The clown acts are always a hoot. This year they had a new specialty act which was really cool. And the biggest draw? BULLFIGHTING! They haven't had this at the rodeo for the past 14 years (I think) but brought it back this night only.

Cooper was super stoked because his best friend (in his words) was sitting in the box on one side of us, and his other friend, Payton, was on the other side. We also brought his PaPa and Grandma as reinforcements. (And so hubby and I felt better about drinking with our 2.5 year old!)

Wrapping up the rodeo there is always a concert, and Josh Thompson performed. My little man even got to ride in on the tractor pulling in the stage <3. It was almost 11:15 before the concert started, however - not only was Cooper getting tired, but we both had to work today. So we stuck around for a couple songs (knowing it would be another half hours AT LEAST) before he got to the hits and then hightailed it to the truck to head home. It was a late night, but so much fun.

Now I just have to talk hubby into taking me back on Saturday to see Bret Michaels.

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