Weekend recap {parade and meeting the turtles!}

Is Wednesday too late to post a weekend recap?

We did a couple of fun things with the Mister over the weekend so I wanted to put them up here for posterity's sake if nothing else.

I guess I can start out with the usie of my little friend who stopped to visit at work on Friday afternoon :)

Friday night I was wiped out, but got in a quick workout. We wanted a lazy movie night and picked up pizza. {Yes, I do see the irony in sweating it out only to eat pizza but hey, I work out so I can eat.}

Saturday morning we went to the parade for the rodeo. It isn't a big one at all, but there are lots of horses so we knew Coop would like it. Following the parade is a little festival, where we paid entirely too much money but he got to ride a pony, see some daycare friends, jump in the bounce house, ride a train, and have so much more fun.


A local store had Raphael and Donatello there over the afternoon and we only had about 1.5 hours to burn, so decided to just stop and grab lunch then head to the store.

Cooper loved Raph...

But wasn't too sure about Don ....

Then we headed home for naps and to get ready for my big night meeting Bret.

Fun times! I love doing stuff like this on the weekends, but it makes my Sundays seem SO BUSY with all the housework and laundry piling up.

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