Two and three quarters

The 23rd still makes me so nostalgic even though we don't count Cooper's "months" anymore. I'm trying to update quarterly, so it's time for Cooper Lately.

Probably the biggest change is how vocal he is. My cousin who has 2 kids older than Cooper watched him some over the summer and commented on his vocabulary, saying she feels he is very advanced. Taking him shopping is a hoot now --- we constantly hear "I like this." Ha!

Speaking of my cousin and the summer schedule - our babysitter had to briefly shut down and should be opening again soon, but we've been in flux with the babysitter, relying on my cousin and niece, and for the past couple weeks, he's been in a new {temporary} daycare. Thankfully he's doing well with all the transitions.

Potty training is still going pretty well, although there are little accidents here and there. More so at the new daycare, but I think it's more a result of being busy and not thinking about it. {You may not want to read this if you have a weak stomach, but Cooper likes look at his poop and almost always says "Wow, it's big!" HA!!!}

I think Cooper could count if he really wanted to, but he's difficult. And loves the number 8. So usually it's "1-2-8!" Although sometimes he does shock us and actually say 3. Oh well.

Cooper remains a daddy's boy and wants to be just like him. If J has his shirt off, C has to take his off. Ha! Most every night, C helps daddy feed the horses and has to carry Mama Horse's bucket and dump it. Then he and J swing for a bit before coming inside.

Naps vary. We need to be stricter about them on the weekends. Same for bed - it's hard to get him to go down. Around 9:30 we head in to his room with Daddy/Coopy horse and Mommy puppy. {Yes, we crawl and make the animal sounds.} We then sometimes read a book {and yes, Cooper absolutely loves to read!} then lay down. I have to sing the "Spider Song" and "Twinkle Star" then he and daddy lay down. J has to remain in the room until Cooper is asleep.

Sometimes I think you could be a vegetarian, as you love salad and veggies. Here lately you have been liking meat though, and I crack up because EVERYTHING is a hamburger. You still really like yogurt and toast. Most mornings you ask for "peanut butter toast" but you actually want jelly. Here lately you have liked to dip bread in gravy as well. You are a big fan of milkshakes too :) You recently went through an obsession with Oatmeal Cream Pies, and you call them "Papa cookies" because you always share them with your Papa Sam when you go to their house.

You do great on your pedal tractor and can even go backwards on it!

Cooper really likes to cheese for the camera. He sees one and says "CHEESE!" Typically then he has to take our photo and say "Mommy turn!"

If we are all together, he'll hug hubby and I and say "my family." And my heart melts, yes.

Daddy & I are Big Brother fans and so are you. You dance along with the intro mimicking them and it's hilarious. Yes, I have taped it.

Other TV shows you really like are Mickey, Curious George, Lightning McQueen, Turbo, Ninja Turtles and all of the Sloth {Ice Age} movies. Last night you were swimming and saying "claw, kick" just like Diego in Ice Age!

You like to color and play with sidewalk chalk. Cooper likes to kick the ball and play "soccer" and we are teaching him how to tackle with football.


You still call yourself Pooper. Haha.

I have no idea what your height & weight are, but you seem to be getting so tall. In fact, you almost need a 3T pant for the length, but they are huge in the waist. Which is why grandma puts suspenders on you, lol.

You really love playing with your friends, and doing things like swimming. And jumping. You jump on your bed most every night.

You are still a thumb sucker. I am desperate for a way to break this habit.

You always have to help. Whether its doing dishes, loading things or another task, you want to feel needed.

I cannot believe we are only 3 months from turning 3. EEEK!

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