End of the week randoms

Nothing like a little bit of random today, right?

{1} Since I've lost around 30 lbs. most of my clothes are WAY too big right now. Which leads to two problems (both of which are good to have) .... one, I have to buy new clothes. I am cheap. Thank goodness for Goodwill. (#Goodwilldoesitagain anyone?) Two ... I am kinda a hoarder. AND I am planning on having another baby, so I figure some of the bigger clothes would be good maternity/postpartum pieces. Which leads to me being selective and boxing some things up in totes for the time being.

{2} Other than going to Goodwill on my lunch break, I run errands. Today I decided to fill up my car with gas even though I still had a quarter of a tank. Take that, hubby {he is always getting on to me for letting it get empty and practically running on fumes.}

{3} Life has been so, so busy lately, which I love and hate. We had invites to THREE events that all overlapped on Saturday ... and my cousin's wedding is what won out. I still sent little gifts to the others, of course. This coming weekend is my town's annual labor day festival and another dirty thirty party. And of course we are working working working in our basement right now since we'd like to finish it this year and all.

{4} After a couple weeks of GORGEOUS and cool weather, it's now hotter than the hinges of Hades. I just want to get outside and run! Another cool down had best be on the horizon. I am signing up for a 5K the first weekend of October {which is actually the first 5K I ever ran!} and will be devoting a decent chunk of time to training so I can get a really, really good time.

{5} I'm in week three of the four week Gamma cycle of T25. Overall, I love this program and think it's great but ... I'm ready to run again! I'm thinking T25 will go into my rotation for strength work during months I run, but I'll likely go through the program again in the colder months. I do have Les Mills PUMP and am hoping to start it when it cools down later this year ... so November?

{6} Earlier this week, the hubs told me he thought he could see the tops of my abs ... EEK! With that being said, my diet has sucked over the past couple weeks and I can feel the bloat. So one of my friends and I are going to do a little one-week clean eating challenge in a couple weeks. We are still working out the details, but if you want in, let me know!

{7} We didn't have football at my high school. Well, they do now, but not when I went. Well, our niece cheers and wanted us to come to the game last week. So, Cooper and I got to experience our FIRST high school football game together :)

{8} Look what we found in the convenience store one night <3.

{9} I decided to subscribe to the Happy Mommy Box last month and was not disappointed. I'll definitely be doing this one again!

Happy holiday weekend!

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