When being a mom is hard

"Get out of my life."

"You're a bad person."

From the mouth(s) of babe(s). Otherwise known as how my three-year-old absolutely broke my heart with those nine little words in five minutes.

It was a bad morning. For starters, it was Monday. It was hubby's first day back to work in 2 weeks, and he had left about 10 minutes prior. Cooper is a daddy's boy and over that two week time period, grew accustomed to daddy walking him to the car and buckling him up. It was time to go and I turned off the TV and asked him to put on his jacket. Instead he insisted the show was "almost over" (when it had just begun) and then decided he wanted to eat the cereal that had been sitting on the bar for 20 minutes.

Not happening. And I totally lost my cool. And what's a hormonal woman to do when she refuses to cry? Blow up.

Sometimes, I feel like my kid hates me. Chalk it up to raging hormones or the fact that I'd spent 10 minutes trying to get an institutional can of tomato sauce to open with no luck, it hit hard. Really hard.

I need patience. I know that. And to be honest, I know I'm not always the best mom to my kid. He may adore and look like his daddy, but he acts a lot like me ... which is scary, because we butt heads ... A LOT.

But guess what? It got better. That night when I picked him up, he seemed remorseful and gave me a hug and said "I'm sorry, Mommy." {Cue the tears, again.} And I've figured out better ways to handle the sass. When disciplining him, I'm firm. I lay out the consequences if he doesn't follow the rules, so he knows exactly what the punishment may be, whether it's being spanked, turning off the TV, or something else.

Nobody said this parenting gig was easy. And to be totally honest, I'm still a bit terrified over how we are going to transition to 2 kids while in the throws of the terrible threenage years. But I know it's my job to make him a good person. We complain about all of the horrible things kids/teens do, but it's only because parents don't stand up and discipline them. I'm constantly saying that it's my job to raise my son to be a good husband someday, and I wholeheartedly believe that.

How do you get through the days with your threenage terror?

But I know we will adjust. With a little bit of patience. And some wine (come June). And a whole lot of love.

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