Baby R2: 24 weeks!

How far along: 24 weeks! It seems to just be cruising along.

How big is the baby: Baby weighs more than a pound and gained approximately 4 ounces last week. He/she is approximately 12 inches, about the size of an ear of corn. Body is filling out proportionally and will soon start to plump up.

Weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 17 lbs., which is somewhat of a miracle considering that I've had a ton of crap food with being sick and birthday sweets over the past week.

Sleep: Since I was sick and had very broken sleep I was pretty exhausted, but the last couple nights I've felt much better and gotten some solid sleep.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: One day last week (when I was sick) I HAD to have mac & cheese. A sweet friend gave me a box with several of the easy mac cups for my birthday to keep in my office. LOL!

Gender: We'll find out when born!

Movement: Yes.

Worries: None

The belly: Still growing! Feeling heavy and itchy. Belly button is getting close to popping.

Cooper vs. Baby 2

What I'm Loving: That pregnancy-wise, I'm feeling really great. Back and leg pain has subsided. I've been trying to get in more regular workouts and it's been a huge help I think.

Symptoms: Not really pregnancy related, but our entire household was sick with a cold/upper respiratory infection last week. Of course I was limited on what I could take being preggo, but think it's mostly cleared up, thank goodness.

Milestones: None
What's different this time: I don't have that wonderful burst of energy yet, so I'm pretty much not expecting it. :/ {Expect this to stay :) Also, I'm pretty sure it's due to having another kiddo to keep up with.}

What I'm looking forward to: May? LOL

Best moment of the week: My birthday and being pampered/spoiled.
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