30 and fabulous

Saturday was my 30th birthday!

It's weird, but I'm not freaked out or anything about turning 30. In fact, as I was visiting with a gentleman old enough to be my dad today, I told him it sort of feels like a badge of honor and I'm very content with my age. The age 30 just sounds so much more distinguished. Because if we're being honest, I don't want to be 25 again - I don't want the drama, etc. As a 30 year old woman I have a great husband, little boy and another baby on the way, job, home, etc., so what more could I want? Other than those little crow's feet to disappear :)

Anyhow, I'd always said I wanted a big surprise party for my30th, but when I got pregnant, that just didn't seem to make sense anymore. So I switched gears and decided to do a very relaxing day.

A few of my closest girlfriends and I spent the day getting pampered with manis, pedis, facials, a blowout and our makeup done. We had a blast and all agreed we need the excuse to do this more often!

Once we were done getting pampered, we all went home to change clothes, and met back up (with husbands and a few other friends) for dinner.


It was a perfect day, other than still fighting off a pesky cold.

The best part is that my birthday "celebration" has lasted several days. My friend Bella sent flowers to me at work on Thursday (she was afraid I may take Friday off.)

My friend and coworker Ashleigh grabbed cupcakes on Friday when picking up lunch.

I woke up to a yummy home-cooked breakfast on my birthday, and while we were out on Saturday, my boys washed and detailed my very messy car and it looks AMAZING.

Since it took much longer to clean the car than hubby thought, he waited until Sunday to make my cake, but that's OK.

And today I came to work to cupcakes, cookies and flowers from my coworkers.

Spoiled, yes. But feeling very loved.

I totally fell off the wagon of completing my 30 before 30 list. But that's OK. Life got busy, and a few of those things just weren't possible being pregnant. But I'm going to look at the list and perhaps revamp it into a wish list of what I want to accomplish as a 30 year old.

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