April Fool's aftermath

Yesterday, I posted this to my Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Haha. Thanks to my friend with some very good photoshop skills, we fooled a lot of people.

Just to clarify: We don't know the sex. And this isn't our boy name. Middle name, but not real name.

Excited that the babe will be here in less than 9 weeks though. Ish is getting real.

Cooper also did a good one on me yesterday ... mind you, I'm pretty sure he had no idea it was a day of pranks!

Usually in the mornings, he likes to push the button to open the garage door, and wants the actual door from the house closed. He always says "You can come out now!" once he has pushed the button. Yesterday, I realized I left my big water cup on the bar (about 20 feet away) and went to grab it. When I went to the garage, no Cooper.

He is an outdoor kid and likes to run around back some in the mornings so I looked there and still didn't see him. Which is when I began to panic a little. He had been unsupervised less than 20 seconds and our front yard is practically an acre, so no time for him to get to the highway or someone to grab him, but where was he?

I should also mention here that he is into hiding these days, but typically not very good at it because he's always giggling.

I ran through the house yelling his name, back out to the garage (where I turned off my car), whipped around the house, looked in our shed, even ran out to the road. Looked under our vehicles. Still no Cooper. Obviously at this point it's probably been about 10 minutes and I'm terrified so I call hubby. When he answered I blurted out "I can't find Cooper. I promise you this is no joke, but I can't find him."

While on the phone I keep looking and hubby, who is about 30 minutes away, has turned his truck around to come home. He then instructs me to look in every nook and cranny of the garage. I am doing this and extremely upset, then look down between two couches. There is my kid, scrunched up, and has even moved a box in front of him to hide himself.

How he hid for that long and so quietly is beyond me. Even though it's not funny, I have to give him props for moving the box, staying quiet, etc. But yeah ... he got a spanking and punishment of no TV last night.

Something tells me my kid won't be giving me a heart attack like that ever again.

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