I've been busy ...

This past week has been absolutely insane! Which is why I haven't posted.
I want to begin this post with a prayer though. This morning I went to the scene of a house fire in one of the towns we cover which resulted in two deaths. I cannot imagine losing a family member due to something like this and totally have that family in my thoughts at this time. 
Now, back to last week. Monday through Thursday were pretty routine days. I worked and cleaned house - you know, the usual. 
My good friend Christine, who is a master's student, came in for the weekend and I got to spend some girl's time with her and Bel on Friday. Kohl's has some AWESOME deals. My favorite? A set of 10 black frames to create my photo collage in the hallway for $20. Now I just need to select pictures and have them developed! 
We decided to have a poker night on Saturday so got the house in tip top shape for those who haven't yet seen the place. Saturday turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day, so Jim worked outside while I finished cleaning the house. I sometimes forget just how big the house is. It can be mostly clean but still take quite some time to get everything dusted and vacuumed. 
We had a great poker night/fight night at the house - it would have only been better had one of us won the $80 pot! Sunday we both felt out of it ... and I did Monday as well. In fact, I was home before noon Monday b/c I work this weekend and just didn't feel well. So there is still a mess in my basement ... including pizza. Gross, I know. 
Oh yes, I forgot. My brakes are being replaced today! I noticed a scraping noise last Tuesday or so but J looked at the outside (but didn't drive the car) and said everything looked OK and he'd fix it over the weekend. He finally drove it on Friday and was insistent it needed to be fixed ASAP! So I took a break from resting to drop off my car and mom brought me home. She also did a couople of sewing repairs for me :)
I have supper in the Crock Pot tonight, so hoping J gets off work semi-early and we get home at a decent time after picking up my car. Then maybe I'll get the beer smell out of the basement :)

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