Weekend wrap-up

Seriously, it's Monday already? It was a full but relaxing weekend around here - and we definitely enjoyed the temperatures in the 50s!

I was off work! J let me sleep in, and I immediately tackled some laundry, the kitchen and living room. As bad as I try to keep things picked up during the week, it's tough, especially since we've been dedicating an hour or so to working out every day. He stopped in for lunch before heading back to work (sometimes, it's good to be on salary!) then I went into town later to do some shopping and bring him home. Since it was sunny and a bit warmer, we decided to take our workout outside and run. I ran about a mile nonstop and J went close to two miles! I really need to start training for a 5K, as I hope to do one in April!
We also did some cleaning and measuring to get ready for a little project :)

J went to help his brother with a transmission, so I stayed home and did pretty much nothing. I did manage to pull out all the junk from the bottom of a spare closet. I also watched Up and The Client List. Later that night, we went to a friend's birthday party. Here we be on our way out:

A note to my blogger friends: NEVER drink Beer Thirty. It is the worst EVER! Not only will it taste horrible, it will make the next two beers taste like crap also. The birthday boy bought a 30-pack of this at Schnucks for $12. There's a reason why it was so cheap!

We slept in (J may have had a little headache!) and had our typical big breakfast. I finished cleaning out/organizing the spare bedroom closet and it looks fantastic! Then we went into town to do some shopping. Hibbetts had some excellent sales and I got a couple of workout sets for $5 each. We also went to Lowe's to buy a bunch of wood ($122 to be exact) for our next project. I can't wait to get it started and finished. 
We grilled steaks for dinner and I clipped coupons for an hour or so. And ended the night watching Kourtney and Kim and then Holly's World. Did anyone else want to cry for Holly when she went to the mansion?

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  1. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend! I need to start clipping coupons!!


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