Baby gear question

Hey mamas/aunts etc.

Did any of you use the Halo SleepSacks? Have an opinion on them? 

One of my online deal sites has them on sale for $14 each today, and I gather they usually retail $20. So I'm wondering if they are worth the investment or if blankets work fine, what sizes to order, etc. 

Thank ya :)

And no, this isn't turning into a baby blog. I'll be back later today with a weekend wrap-up or some tidbits :)


  1. We used swaddling blankets for the first three months. Now that we are no longer swaddling, I like the sleep sack for naps. Footed pajamas provide adequate warmth for nighttime sleep. I believe the AAP recommends against using any loose blankets to reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation, so I do like the sleep sacks. More baby gear reviews and info on my blog:

  2. Sorry my comment is probably too late for you to still get the good deal!


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