What I'm Loving

* Real quick, thanks for all your sweet comments about our baby news yesterday! I'll start posting about finding out, where we are now and more tomorrow.

Now it's time for my favorite linkup, with Jamie.

For some reason, blogger is letting me upload pictures today. So I'll try to update later. 

{1} I am LOVING that I got almost 12 hours of sleep last night. Minus bathroom breaks, haha. 

{2} I am LOVING feeling little "flutters" in my belly :)

{3} I am LOVING having fresh strawberries for breakfast :)

{4} I am LOVING that I picked my first cucumber out of the garden on Monday. It was delish. 

{5} I am LOVING that I found a great deal on a crib (less than $100 for a 4-in-1) and it's already been shipped!

{6} I am LOVING all the beautiful weather we've been having.

{7} I am LOVING that we're less than four weeks away from the beach. Having the sand between my toes is the best!

{8} I'm LOVING that we finished registering for the wedding yesterday. Now the only big things left to do are book a deejay for the reception back here, send out the invites and rent our vehicles to get down to Alabama. 

What are you loving today? I hope you are all having a great week :)


  1. i love fresh cucumbers too!!

  2. We're going to Alabama the week before you to leave out of Mobile for a cruise. We actually get back on your wedding day! Hope you have a beautiful day, Michelle! I love the beach. My husband hates sand with a passion or I would of gotten married on a beach too! haha

  3. Ok, I've been away all weekend so I totally missed the baby news. Congrats!


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