Weekend wrap-up

This was one of those weekends that it felt like I blinked and it was over! Gotta love summertime, right?

After work, I drug J to a few yard sales. He ended up finding a squat rack (I think) and some other weight things to help complete our workout room. It's weird because he usually gripes when we go to yard sales, but he ALWAYS seems to find things like that. At killer prices, too. 
Later that night, we bought a pizza, rented True Grit, and fell asleep on the couch. I REALLY liked True Grit --- have any of you seen it? 

This was a LONG day. We slept in and then watched a line of showers move through. Then we headed up to Cape to tackle lots of wedding stuff. I finalized the order for our personalized napkins for the ceremony, then we met a friend at the mall to give us another opinion on clothes for the groomsmen. We ended up finding what we wanted at AE and a sale (buy one pair of shorts for $45 and get the second pair for $10) so we lucked out. We ran a few more errands at the mall and then went to lunch at Logans. Those fries are to.die.for! Yes, I am a foodie :) Also that afternoon, we registered at Target. Now I understand why registering is a full-day task! We still need to do Wally World but are planning that for one night after work this week. 
Registering is hard. Especially when you already have a house together. I felt so bad registering for things more than $50, but decided that a registry is filled with suggestions, not things that people have to buy for you. I think Walmart will be a lot easier. At least I hope so. 
Later that night, we went to play some Texas Hold 'Em at a friends house and I left a couple times to get pictures of a bridge demolition for an overpass that will be rebuilt. Here's a couple of my favorites:

Beating the bridge with a wrecking ball

Standing on the Interstate while they demolished one of the last standing structures.

We planned to do work around the house. But J's parents called on Saturday and invited us to their house as they were having a double birthday party/fathers day cookout. So after a yummy breakfast, some baking and cleaning, we headed down to Arkansas. I hate that drive. It always makes me sick and I was exhausted from my 18-hour day on Saturday. So I slept in the back seat of the truck :) We had a great time visiting and spending time outside under the shade trees. Seriously made us wish we had shade trees on our property. 

And that's it :) I think I'll be making another special announcement on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned! Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Don't feel guilty about anything you register for, it's a wish list after all!

  2. i love yard sales! i can't wait to hear the announcement!!!!

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