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It has been beyond crazy this week! Why is it that holiday weeks always seem like longer work weeks? 

Anyhow, we've been busy bees with plans pretty much every night this week. And with wedding festivities last weekend, the laundry is taking the form of a mountain in my bedroom and closet. So that's what I get to look forward to. Oh, and cleaning the rest of the house and cleaning out the dishwasher that's already half empty because I've just been pulling clean stuff out as we need it. I'm avoiding looking at the sink these days. 

If I had my way, I would just sleep and tan. All weekend long. 

On another note, I have realized this week how blessed I am to have amazing bosses. I work in newspapers, and it's no secret these past few years haven't been the best. Since coming to work just over four years ago, I haven't had one raise and have been cut to working only 32 hours a week :( I love my job, but have been halfheartedly looking for something a bit more stable, with better pay. 

Anyhow, a possible part-time opportunity came up earlier this year, which I was asked to apply for. I did, but just didn't feel right about it. Now, I find out that I haven't heard anything back because this employer is looking at employing me full-time! Not only that, they came to my boss (it's a small work environment and his son is just a grade under me) to run it by him. Not only has he given me his blessing to take this new opportunity, he's also giving me some advice (hey, he could be my dad) to ensure this is the right fit for me. Furthermore, he's assured me that I ALWAYS have a job at the newspaper so long as he's here, and that he'd love to keep me on in a part-time fashion to cover some of the areas where I have formed strong ties. Talk about flattering and humbling.

Anyhow, I am meeting with the new people next week to see what they have to say. Hopefully it will be as great of a fit as I foresee and will be a good step career-wise, as well as for my family's future. 

I'm sure no one really cares about that, but I use this blog as a journal, and I want to be able to look back someday and remember all this. 

Have a good weekend, friends!

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  1. Amen on the sleeping and tanning! Good luck with the new job opportunity- how exciting!


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