What I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday! The weeks are sure flying by :)

{1} I'm LOVING half days at work :)

{2} I'm LOVING this little guy, who went walking with mommy the other day :) Unfortunately he didn't grasp the idea of being my protector when he ducked away from cars, but we had fun nonetheless. And got very hot. 

{3} I'm LOVING this serving platter. I'm ordering one today.

{4} I'm LOVING that the Fourth is on Monday! Not only does that give me a three-day weekend, it also means fireworks and the BEST meal. A nearby town has a big picnic and the main meal is dressing, kettle beef and gravy, potatoes, ham, tomatoes and more. Yum! I grew up going to this meal and look forward to it every year. 

{5} I'm LOVING that J is planning a date night for us this weekend :)

{6} I'm LOVING that I'll be a MRS. in 18 days. And on the beach in 17.

{7} I'm LOVING that my hairdresser is so awesome (and a good friend) that she's taking Friday and Saturday off work to travel to Gulf Shores with us and do my wedding hair! She's been the only one to touch my hair in more than four years and I totally didn't want to have to cheat on her for my wedding day. 

What are you loving on this beautiful Wednesday? 


  1. Love that serving platter, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  2. that serving platter is amazing!! i love it!

  3. Congratulations on getting married!! That is so exciting! I am loving that serving platter. It's making me wish I had people to entertain.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I'm so glad your stylist is going with you, I would hate to cheat on my girl either! This way you know your safe!

  5. My dog ducks away from cars when we walk too! You're loving some great things, btw. And I'm a little late, but congrats on the baby!!

  6. That's such a cool serving platter, I really like it! The Fourth is my favorite too.

    Congratulations on the wedding! :)

  7. Your poochie pie is so so cute!! :) Congrats on the big I do's. You will LOVE being married!! Very glad to have found your blog!

  8. Love that cute puppy face! How awesome your hair dresser is going with you! That must be such a good feeling knowing you won't have to stress about your hair! ;)

  9. I have been WAY behind on my blog commenting but I wanted to say congrats on the baby! I hope you have a great Fourth of July!


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