Monday tidbits

— This weekend seriously flew by. We had a birthday party to attend Friday night, I had to work on Saturday morning, then we went to a friends house for washers/BBQ that afternoon. So yesterday I was so glad to just stay home and clean!

— Since I had to wake up at 5 a.m. Saturday, I left the party early and told J to call me if he wanted a ride or just stay the night. The next morning, I decided we needed a king size bed. Although I didn't sleep well being in the house alone and with storms, it was nice having extra room for all of my pillows :) 

— Speaking of pillows, I paid entirely too much for a throw pillow at Walmart yesterday to keep in my desk chair, since my back began hurting about 2 every afternoon last week. It's almost 4 and, knock on wood, no aching back yet.

— We had the PERFECT food at the BBQ. Hamburgers and hot dogs (Tuff's faves) as well as watermelon and veggie tray. I chowed down on everything ... which may explain why I've gained a pound since Friday. Also, I didn't miss the beer :)

— We planned to get the wedding reception invitations sent out today. However, the post office didn't have any wedding-ish stamps and I refuse to use the generic liberty bell. So I ordered stamps online :) Also, when I was compiling all the addresses last night, my computer crashed and I lost about an hour of work. Not happy. Luckily most were in my email/phone/facebook, so I've recompiled a lot of it during my lunch and other break today :)

— I NEED A DEEJAY. Nuff said. Other than that, we just need to buy the serving trays and reserve pub tables to rent for the bar area and we're well on track for all of the reception plans, too. 

— I am on a major fruit kick right now. 

— I realize my posts have been incredibly boring with no pictures lately. I just don't feel like pulling out the camera for some reason. 

— This is going to be a CRAZY BUSY week at work. But that's good ... usually :)


  1. Pictures or not, at least YOU have blogged! Me... not so much. I've been so busy that I can't get anything written out to make any sense! lol

    I hate when the PO has sucky stamps. I think I would have done the same thing. Luckily where I live I'm close to 4 Post Offices and I could try each one because they all have different selections. lol But I would want something pretty for wedding invites. No plain regular mail stamps!

    Mmm. I love cook out food. I'm hungry now and 3 hours to lunch! haha

  2. I would have done the SAME thing about the stamps, no generic liberty bells for something this special!

  3. Sounds like you were busy! Love that you won't buy regular stamps! lol! Good luck with the rest of the planning! It can be fun, but also a little stressful!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I am loving the fruit too :)


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