Bumpdate - 19 weeks

Today, I am 19 weeks pregnant! 

Comparing these pictures to last week (which I will post below) I think I look I may look a little smaller. But trust me, things are definitely getting tighter :) Last night, I also noticed that the left side of my belly looked bigger from the side than the right, but I'm told that is normal. Anyhow, this is my left side. 

During Week 18, Baby R measured about 5.5 inches (think the length of a bell pepper.) He also began flexing his arms and legs — J and I joked that he'll come out with big muscles, ha! 

Lots of back aches this week. And very interrupted sleep. 

Still craving hamburgers. I thought I was being smart the other night when I decided to make meatloaf, one of our FAVORITE meals, but it tasted kinda gross. I think it may have been the texture? Baby R is also loving cantaloupe and strawberries this week. 

I'm not wearing any maternity clothes yet, but think that's probably not too far away. And feeling lots of flutters, but no kicks, punches or definite movement.

Next week is Baby R's halfway point! But I won't consider it halfway until 24 weeks for me — because it will be the halfway point since I found out. 

Before posting the other pictures I have of the bump, I'll address a few questions:

  • Our anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for July 12. However, we ARE NOT finding out the baby's sex. Although it's super tough, we think that this is one of the few things in life that can be a surprise, so we want to go for it. Plus, I think it will give me even more encouragement to push the baby out.
  • That being said, I really hate calling the baby an "it." So since "he" is universal and I've been having pretty strong intuition it's a boy, we will refer to the baby as a he. His nickname right now is Tuff - after the cowboy in "8 Seconds" and because his daddy and I feel he is quite tough, making it through what I put him through.
  • I "fake drank" at my friend's bach party because we weren't ready to tell anyone yet. 
  • We kept it a secret until I was 12 weeks. We didn't tell our coworkers until I hit 16 weeks. 

15 weeks 5 days:


16 weeks 6 days

And 17 weeks 6 days. I think the reason I look bigger here is because I'm wearing a different style of shorts. And ignore the nasty hair - J didn't get home until almost 10 and it was my last chance for a 17 week picture so I just went for it. 


  1. You look awesome! You aren't that big at all! congrats again!

  2. So excited you aren't finding out! :) that will be the best suprise ever!

  3. I've never thought of 'not finding out' like that before, I think you may have turned over a leaf for my future because I have to agree with that is too cool!

  4. Oh, how exciting!!! Yay for bump-making ;) You look great! Hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy for you.



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