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It's been a bit since I've done a random bulleted post. I know you missed them, right?
  • Coop gets a daddy day today. The babysitter took off and luckily hubby was scheduled to be off. This will be the longest hubby has ever had Coop alone, but I'm sure they'll do great! Just in case, I did go over the schedule though :)
  • I got two photos of my little love before 8:30 a.m.
  • For the first time today, he finished off an 8 ounce bottle. Seriously? I have a feeling that once he gets solids in a few weeks, he'll begin eating us out of house & home.
  • Hubby was supposed to be off work the entire week, but he's off next week instead. This was the last week of a sales contest and he only lacked $100 in new accounts (recurring business) to win us a four-day trip. We think he got it! The sales just have to track out so we aren't totally sure.
  • To be honest, it works better for him to be off next week. I have an evening meeting Monday & Thursday and an 8 a.m. on Wednesday, so having him home to pick up/drop off/take care of Coop is a really great thing.
  • Super Cooper had another great Parents As Teachers visit last night. By the time she comes back in September, he'll probably be ready for college :)
  • He's beginning to use the jumperoo at Miss Robin's and at home and seems to really enjoy it.
  • Still working on getting a tooth ... I think. He's just a bit fussier than usual, and baby Orajel seems to do the trick.
  • I feel like the first half of the week crawled by, but the last couple days have flown. Me likey.
  • Yesterday, I heard Rodney Atkins' song "He's Mine" for the first time. I giggled and immediately looked up the lyrics. Totally a daddy-Coopy song :)

  • We're shifting gears on our savings goals. Originally, we planned to get hubby's truck and another loan paid off this year so we only owe on our house and SUV. Truck = done. And in the past month, I've decided I really want to get our basement completely finished by October. We have tile and painted walls and a tub, but need to have it sealed, hook up the water, install a toilet, sink & vanity, and do trim and doors. So that's what we're saving for now, instead of throwing all the extra money toward that loan. We'd also like to buy a new TV for our main living room and put the old one downstairs, along with some furniture {new or used} but that will depend on how much all the other repairs cost.
  • I'm really loving Draw Something. You can find me at michelle1761
  • I'm very excited for my first Mother's Day in just over a week. Cooper told me he's asked Daddy for a loan :)
  • The weather here has been really beautiful the past week - 80s and 90s every day - and I've loved it. It does make me wish that my office had a window, however. Sometimes I break away from the computer screen, walk down the hall, and look outside.
  • This weekend, we are going to a carnival/family day so I can work the booth for the United Way board, on which I serve. It should be a lot of fun and we are excited.
  • Happy Weekend!

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  1. Found you from Kellys Korner. I'm from so. IL...really close to SEMO!


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