Weekend rewind

Little Moments Like This

This weekend we ...
  • Got all gussied up for a work gala.
  • Came home to a house that was cleaner than it was when we left {thank you, Mom!}
  • Had some great family time shopping and running errands on Saturday morning.
  • Played with Coco
  • 5.19.12
  • Let the boys have some daddy-Coop time while I volunteered at a crawfish boil Saturday afternoon.
  • Got burnt at said crawfish boil, while also drinking four bottles of water in two hours.
  • Went to a birthday party for a sweet {almost} 8 year old.
  • He really loves her ... trying to hold her hand :)
  • Passed out on the couch entirely too early, but finally finished off my antibiotic.
  • Washed countless loads of dishes on Sunday.
  • Made green beans, carrots and apples {baby food} for Baby C.
  • C got his first kisses from a "girl" - Miss D
  • Barbecued.
  • Took C for a swim in the pool until the rain came through.
  • Praised the good lord for sending us a nice rain - we needed it! The hail didn't even bother us.
  • Finally watched the Criminal Minds season finale. I was up and down the entire show and my tummy was in knots. Felt the same as the finale where Hailey was killed :(
It was the perfect weekend :)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Yay for coming home to a clean house. That is the best. I love, love, love the picture of Cooper holding on to the little girl's arm. So cute!!

  2. Coming home to a clean house in itself sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! Oh and the picture of Cooper and CoCo - SO sweet!!! :)

  3. Cooper is getting so big! What a cutie.


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