Thursday thoughts

  • Super Cooper did a great job eating his green beans last night! His face at first taste was priceless. And it did take a bit to get the hang of swallowing. But he finished off all of the cube (I froze in ice cube trays) so I was very impressed. I'll probably begin sending food to the sitter next week if he continues to do well.
  • Next up is carrots, and then probably oatmeal.
  • My good friend Bel is in for the next few days and I am so excited! I saw her for about 2 hours over Christmas, so I've really been missing her! Last night some of our group of friends got together at our house for pizza. Today we may have a lunch date. And tomorrow night we are hitting the winery.
  • I am so, so ready for this three-day weekend! Since the temps are forecast for the mid-90s, I am planning to spend a lot of time playing in the pool with Coop. And those are the only plans I have.
  • I've been waffling over whether I will like summer hours at work, and I think I've decided it will stink. Best I can tell, I'll be getting to the office around 7:15 (sitter doesn't open until 7), taking 30-45 minutes for lunch, then leaving at 5:45 or 6 p.m. every night, and depending on hubs to pick up Mister. I think of how cramped our weeknights are now, and am just not thrilled about losing an hour. That and waking up around 5:45 a.m. every day.
  • I dressed semi-casual and didn't really fix my hair this morning, and my boss just asked me to attend an afternoon meeting. Sigh.
  • When we took our photos a couple weeks ago, we purchased a package that gives us some membership so we can get a free photo session and 8x10 print any time for the next year. So, of course, I'm going to schedule a session for Saturday when we pick up the prints, and only get my 8x10. Duh.
  • Hubby has grilled twice this week. Gosh, I love BBQ food. And it makes life so much easier when all I have to worry about for dinner is reheating and sides!
  • Since "they" recommend using frozen breastmilk within six months, I've been thawing everything from November through February and using it for bottles, then freezing what I pump. And let me tell you, that crap is for the birds. Way too much work.
  • I've been really horrible about drinking enough water here lately. I think I'm just starting to get bored with it. I make it through about three bottles, then I'm done.
  • It doesn't help that we have leftover sodas from an event at work so I've been drinking one most every day. 
  • Our spare bedroom is an absolute mess. It's mostly because we still haven't bought a file cabinet to replace the storage the desk provided. I'm about to go in there armed with trash bags and do some major clearing out.
  • I'm accepting applications for a housekeeper/cook. You will receive free room & board and lots of baby smooches.
  • I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, and need to do a post, but we have a new dog. Definitely not a replacement for Hank - Coco actually came to live with us two weeks before he went to Heaven. She is very, very sweet and also a chocolate lab. We love her.

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  1. Awwww congrats on the new dog can't wait to see pics! Have fun at the winery!


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