weekend wrapup

I've decided that a holiday weekend either leaves you incredibly exhausted or feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. Our memorial day weekend was absolutely perfect, with a wonderful mix of busy-ness and relaxation... a great way to usher in the summer.


Friday night, after work closed early, we went to the winery with a couple of my friends. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was nice to get out for some "adult time."

Saturday morning, after sleeping in a bit, hubby & I tackled some organization in our spare bedroom while Coop supervised from the Johnny Jump Up in the doorway :) We made some great progress, but decided once he went down for his morning nap to have a little pool time. The weather outside was perfect and it was glorious. That afternoon, hubby raked some hay he was cutting at our neighbor's while I did some laundry and house cleaning. Coop also got some pool time with Mommy & Daddy. Later in the day,  we headed up to Cape to pick up Cooper's photos from a few weeks back, snuck in another session {I can't help it! It was free, and the package I bought was only $7.99}, and hit up Menards. The local store was celebrating its grand opening so we had to check out the deals.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Although Cooper did try carrots on this day! I was surprised, he made a lot more faces with these ... seems he prefers green beans!

And Monday was perfection as well. Another repeat, more or less, but I did make some great advances in getting the house in good order. And I got to go grocery shopping all by myself last night. I love my boys, but it sure is nice to get out of the house, alone, for something besides work :)

It was definitely a different Memorial Day weekend ... no camping or floating the river, although the temps were perfect for that ... but it's OK, we still got plenty of water time :)

Having such a fun and productive weekend makes me super excited for all the three-day weekends to come!

And I'm making myself post a menu plan for the week, to be sure I stick to it! I tend to fall off the bandwagon on these short weeks ... especially since I have a work event tonight.

Sunday: Hamburger Helper, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob
Monday: Pork loin, scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob
Tuesday: Hubby - leftovers from Sunday
Wednesday: Pork loin, potatoes, green beans
Thursday: Pizza casserole (hopefully I'll post this recipe next week!), garlic bread, salad
Friday: Pork loin sandwiches, fries
Saturday: Graduation celebration for my cousins!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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  1. I've been thinking that my life needs organization something awful. Your menu plan reminds me that I need to make one for this week and a grocery list too!

    I've missed blogging so bad but not sure where to steal the time from. How did you blog so much do quickly?? I have to race to start a load of laundry or wash my pump parts or bathe in my free time and feel awful that I haven't blogged. I need some organization and routines quickly so I'm prepared for going back to work. Have any suggestions? Grayson isn't really sticking to many routines yet. He has a couple patterns but nothing set time wise.

    Glad you had a great 3 day weekend! I want pool time so bad! Haha

  2. Coop is just way too cute!


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