A sweet sprinkle!

This past weekend, I helped host a baby "sprinkle" for my friend Jessica. She has an adorable 3-year-old boy, Payton, and is due to have a sweet little girl in September!

Since none of us were able to hose in our home {we are currently working to finish off our basement} we decided to have it at a local bake shoppe. Before, we've always rented a local community building and done all the decorations and food ourselves, but with everything going on in all of our lives, we thought it was easiest to pay a little more and have it all done for us. We literally just showed up with the diaper cake and some games ready to play, everything else was set up, prepared, AND cleaned up for us. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

Delicious food - we had fruit, dipped strawberries, mini cupcakes and sugar cookies. And of course, the beautiful princess cake!
One of the hostesses made the diaper "cake", while another made the cute cupcakes with receiving blankets, onesies and headbands. Ah-dorable. We also played the poopy diaper game {which I am horrible at, by the way ...} and a game where you guessed the cost of the baby products in the basket. This one rang up at about $60!

 The hostesses:) Three of Jessi's friends, her MIL and SIL. Her SIL is the one who made the cupcakes, which she also gifted me at my shower!

My little man got to join all of us ladies for the afternoon. There were a few other kiddos there that he got to play with, including his friend Delaney. She called him "Coo Coo" and was kissing him all afternoon. Too sweet!

Cooper has a thing for rubber duckies, so he picked out a princess one to gift - we gave Auntie Jessi a tub full of goodies. He wanted to keep the duck, but I told him he had to share. Aunt Jessi says she'll get him one for his birthday!

We had a blast and this was by far the easiest shower I have ever helped to plan. Now, I just can't wait until September when we get to love on Baby E!

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  1. That princess cake is so cute! I definitely think it's worth it to just pay someone else to do everything, cleaning up and getting ready for showers is sometimes the most stressful part!

  2. The cake is so fitting for a baby girl or "princess"! I LOVE that.

    Ahh, sweet picture of you two! :)


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