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I haven't done this link up {or any, for that matter} in quite awhile, but wanted to join in on the anniversary, since I did link up a year ago for the first!

Its Ok Thursdays

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So, It's OK ...

... to do the happy dance while singing "no more summer hours" this morning.

... to eat two breakfasts pretty much every day.

... to leave your kid alone for two seconds then find he's eaten paper. At least it was a Ruby Tuesday coupon, so maybe he just thought the burger looked good?

... to know you probably annoy the heck out of everyone by talking constantly about your kid, but when you're obsessed, you're obsessed.

... to have your boss offer to buy ice cream for the office this afternoon, and then proceed to eat two cookies at lunch. Yes, I am a fat kid.

... to be pulling clothes from the very back of your closet because you haven't done laundry other than the absolute essentials in about two weeks. 

... to want to hire someone come in to clean your house because it's that bad.

... to constantly choose playing with your kid over cleaning. 

... to say "that'll just make him tough" when your babysitter tells you how said child hit his head on the coffee table while pulling up. 

... to be dreading August for the first time you can ever remember. It's been hotter than snot around here since May, I need some cooler weather!

... to agree to a freelance article when life is way too busy just because it includes your crush, Easton Corbin!

... to be extremely jittery for said interview to commence in about 10 minutes. 

... to stop rambling. 

Happy Thursday, my friends!

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  1. August is seriously going to be hot and terrible. I keep thinking it's just me (being pregnant) or that I don't remember accurately from years past, but July has been blazing hot. I looked up average temps for OK and found that there are typically three days in July over 100. We've had like THREE WEEKS of temps over 100.

    Every time Tully falls, we tell him to brush it off while patting our legs. I bet Coop will be super tough.

  2. I had to laugh when you wrote about what you said to your babysitter! I'm totally going to be that parent because I'm that way with my students- if they're not gushing blood, dying, or throwing up, I say they are fine!

    Also, I think it's ALWAYS okay to play with your kids rather than clean. Always!


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