Over the weekend, we went on a little trip to celebrate our one-year anniversary.

Originally, we talked about going back to the beach. But we quickly decided against that for a few different reasons. We did know we wanted to do something special, however, so we settled on St. Louis - it's only a couple hours away, and we wouldn't feel like we were "wasting" a trip by only going for a day.

Since it was so hot, we decided to leave Coop with my parents. Yes, I just about freaked out a time or two, especially with his teething troubles the weekend before. But they assured me he would be just fine, and he was, thankfully. This also enabled us to do more walking, since we stayed Downtown, and go to a really nice restaurant for dinner.

Once we arrived on Friday afternoon and checked in (we stayed at the Hilton at the Ballpark, which is very nice!) we changed clothes and headed out. We stopped at the gift shop at Busch Stadium looking for something Cardinals to take home for Mister Cooper, but didn't find anything we liked. So, we ventured on over to Hooters for some appetizers and a couple beers.  

Afterwards, we stopped at a little market to pick up more beer and a few food items.
View from our room ... they are currently doing work on the old Courthouse
Once we got back to the hotel, we rested a bit, then made a decision on dinner and got reservations. We had lots of suggestions, and mostly just wanted somewhere good, within walking distance. We decided on Carmine's  and it was absolutely delicious!

All ready for a night on the town!
After dinner, we decided to take a little carriage ride through Downtown St. Louis. We've been on one in Memphis, Tenn. so decided an StL one. It was fun!

Afterwards with our horse, Hercules.
 We had great intentions of changing clothes and going out for a few more drinks, but after pumping, I was exhausted so we just stayed in and slept.

The next morning we got on the road decently early so hubby could take advantage of his anniversary present. A few weeks ago, there was a voucher on Living Social for a flight instruction school and 30 minute supervised helicopter ride. Hubby would totally love to be a pilot, so I knew it would be perfect for him!

He totally enjoyed the class. I actually sat in on it because it was about 1 hour from Downtown and there was nothing for me to do, so the instructor actually took me up in the air for about 10 minutes for free

Proudly holding his log book!
Since we only had granola bars for lunch, we were STARVING at this point. Since riding in a helicopter was on his bucket list, we decided to cross something off mine - eating at the Cheesecake Factory! I had a yummy tomato basil mozzarella pizza, and hubby had the biggest burger ever. Seriously, I've never seen my husband fail to eat an entire burger, but he couldn't finish it!

Once we scarfed down our food, we raced to my parents' to pick up our little sweetie. We were so excited to get him. I think he was glad to see us too - once he saw us, his face lit up and he started squealing! A perfect ending to a perfect weekend :)


  1. Cheesecake Factory is so good, and their portions are enough to feed an entire village. Looks like you had a great trip!

  2. First off - I love that dress!!! :) I've always wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and that pizza looks delish! Looks like y'all had a great anniversary trip!

  3. Your dress is super cute! And what a fun anniversary- a helicopter ride would be so neat!

  4. What a fun anniversary weekend! I love St. Louis! Looks like you had a fabulous time!


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