Cooper lately

It's been a couple weeks since I've really blogged {crazy busy life!} and baby boy has been doing lots of growing up.
  • He's figured out how to hold his own bottle. I believe we'll start trying a sippy cup soon - I may have to talk to the sitter about that, since she would be the primary one giving it to him right now.
  • On July 3, we spotted tooth No. 2.
  • July 5, I ended up leaving work at 11 a.m. because I got a call from the sitter that Coop was running a 101.4 degree temp and not eating like normal. We did lots of cuddling all weekend, and I finally deduced he must have just been teething pretty badly. So now we're figuring teeth 3 & 4 will be here any day.
So sweet, but breaks my heart ...

  • Last Monday, July 9, he started crawling! We'd been thinking it was going to come soon. He'd been pivoting and going backwards for awhile, but everything finally clicked! He was pushing off the chair when he finally did it, so I think that helped!
Mischevious little boy!

  • His favorite things to crawl toward? My breast pump {baby boy loves those cords!}, cell phones, remotes, balls and other cords.
  • Once he started moving, he hasn't looked back and is definitely all over the place. He can be wherever he wants to go, and is much happier.
  • Cooper has become proficient at pulling apart stereo speakers.
  • Oh, he also likes shoes. Heels, flip flops, he doesnt' care. Tries to eat them all!
  • Apparently Cooop is already bored with crawling, because we catch him doing "mountain climbers" and straightening his legs quite a bit. I think he's ready to walk, but can definitely wait.
Big boots to fill!

  • He did figure out how to pull himself up on the coffee table over the weekend, so the mattress has been moved down. So sad, he's getting to be such a big boy!
  • Mister got to spend some time with Grandma and PaPa this weekend, and stayed overnight for the first time! Thankfully he slept well and was a very good little boy.
  • As always, he is the sweetest, most adorable little boy ever and we obviously love him to pieces!


  1. That boot picture is priceless, love it! I'm so glad you have such a great family, it's been wonderful to 'watch' over you blog !

  2. Ahh! Crawling, holding his bottle - such a big boy! :) And handsome!! My word, I love that picture of him in his daddy's boots! :) Sippy cup already?! Slow down Coop! He's conquering so much already!!


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