Brain dump

  • So, the last two weeks have been crazy busy. All good though :) But between work and a teething little one, I just haven't had a lot of time to blog.
  • A couple weekends ago, we went up to Cape for a bit. Mostly because Mister needed diapers and I really like the price and quality of the Target brand. While there, my boys took me to Bagger Dave's, which recently opened. It was great! And while it's technically a tavern, we felt right at home with Coop - practically everyone had a child at their table, and his constant {happy} shrieking didn't bother us in the slightest.
  • To solve the shed/flood insurance debacle, we are building a base for our shed. Well, mostly hubby. He was on vacation all last week and worked his butt off on it. Concrete was poured before we left for St. Louis last Friday, and we're planning to take apart the frames, fill with rock and get the shed moved in the next couple weeks.
  • I was actually off last Monday, so I helped a bit, with setting up the stringline. I had work functions Tuesday & Thursday evening and didn't get home until late, but was able to help some with the braces on Wednesday.
  • At one of my functions, we made a presentation to a civic group at a bingo hall and I felt like I REEKED of smoke. I changed clothes and pulled up my hair before even holding Coop.
  • This weekend, we have a wedding reception at a winery on Friday and are playing poker with friends on Saturday night.
  • Although I love having Fridays off, I am so glad to only have one more full week of summer hours. It's definitely not worth the long, 10-hour days to have a three-day weekend. That being said, I have accomplished some good projects during my time off. But I'm REALLY looking forward to resuming the 8-5 work day.
  • This Friday, my mom is going to help me make salsa. A couple years ago, I tried making some using the Mrs. Wages seasoning packets and we really loved it. This time, I'm taking the easy way out and instead of cooking, peeling and dicing the tomatoes, purchased a gallon-sized can of them. We also like to run ours through the Ninja to make them extra fine :)
  • Speaking of the Ninja ... I think it's time to venture into finding some new baby food recipes for C. Fruits, veggies and pizza just don't seem to be cutting it anymore! I'm bored with them all, so I'm sure he is, too.
  • I think I could live on pizza and spaghetti. Seriously ... I just picked up Pizza Hut breadsticks for lunch!
  • I'm helping plan a sprinkle for a good friend this Sunday. We opted to have it at a local restaurant and it's by far the easiest shower I've ever planned! It is a bit pricey, but it's a fixed cost, with the menu options being determined by the total number of guests we have. And we figured that by the time we rented a hall, decorated it and paid for cups, napkins, tableclothes, plates, etc. it would be over $150, where it's all basically FREE with this venue. I'm so excited for all the yumminess.
  • This morning, I spent about an hour rearranging my desk. I had a huge printer on my desk and my desk space was extremely cluttered. Like overwhelmingly so. I was talking to a coworker and she suggested finding a small table for my printer ... so I swiped one from our lobby :) So far, I am LOVING the new setup.
  • So glad the work week is on the downhill slope. It's been a long week - probably because I haven't worked a full 40 the past two!
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