Our Fourth of July :)

We had such a wonderful Fourth of July as a family of three!

The day began by sleeping in. Little bit woke up on his own around 6:15 a.m., but after I fed him, we were playing in bed and he kept rubbing his eyes, so back to sleep we all went, and I didn't get up for the day until 9:30 a.m. It was heaven ...

After breakfast and some house work, we got all dressed up to head to a small town in our area for a Fourth of July picnic. They have a big meal that includes kettle beef & gravy, fried chicken, chicken & dressing and more, so we definitely stuffed our faces. I love the food so much, I made hubby go back in line to get me more dressing and tomatoes :)

It was so hot we didn't stick around long, and ended up spending the afternoon at Grandma and Pa Pa's house. They hadn't seen Coop for a couple of weeks and commented on how much more he is moving and getting around. Still scooting and no crawling forward, but definitely getting closer.

Once we got home, Baby Coop was exhausted from not having a real nap, so he napped a couple hours while hubs and I just relaxed. Later, we went to town to pick up some BK and then went to watch the fireworks display. It was waaaaay past C's bedtime {the show began around 9:15 and typically he's asleep by 9} but he was a trooper for about 20 minutes then decided enough was enough, so we went on home.

This cracks me up, I think it looks like he is flying
Watching the boom boom pow!

Me and my boy
 Hope you all had a fun Fourth as well. God Bless the USA!



  1. I got to sleep in too! What a great day!

    Your talking about the food is making me hungry as always! :)

    I failed. I didn't get Grayson any cute holiday shirt. I thought of it AFTER he was dressed for the day about how I didn't get him something cute for his 1st 4th. Things are so crazy in my head I just never even thought of it.


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