Easter 2013

Whoever said holidays were better with kids was right. Except they should warn you that the second time around is SO MUCH more fun than the first.

Baby chick!
I really don't think many words are needed. Mister loved the eggs. At his daycare hunt, he had so much fun he tripped over his feet on the sidewalk and was left with a bloody nose and scar on his forehead - poor baby.

Stop trying to pose, mom, I'm hunting eggs!

As soon as he found one egg, he would point at another until he picked it up - presh!

And in total mommy fail, I just hid empty eggs, thinking there was no way he'd care about the insides. And, of course, the little snot proceeded to open on Easter morning. Whoops!

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  1. SO cute!! I took my nephew for his eater egg hunt this year and it was a blast. Little ones makes the holiday so much better!


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