It ain't pretty

My body image, that is.

Ever since Vegas, I've been a pig. We had Easter. I've had lots of work things (including a bag of leftover candy from an event). I've been indulging in more yummy drinks than I should. And to top it all off, three days travelling for work.

Ugh. Bloated. Feeling icky. And of course, the extra flab on my waistline. I'm afraid to step on a scale for fear of what the number will be.

End of last week, I decided to turn that around. So I'm trying very hard to make better food decisions. I know it will make me feel better - and not just because my clothes will fit better :) On Saturday, the hubs and I stopped at a pizza buffet for lunch and I was so proud because I had TWO plates of salad, rather than filling up on more pizza. It's the little changes, people.

My fridge has salad, bananas and apples in it. I'm heading to the store at lunch for more lean pockets. Luckily, the food a coworker brought in today (leftovers from a shower) is cheese and grapes.

Now I just need to get back in the routine of running. Perhaps I should sign up for that 5K in three weeks? And finally get down to the 140s.

With that being said (and since my thoughts are clearly all over the place in this post), here's this week's menu plan:

Sunday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, crescent rolls
Monday: Chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, salad
Tuesday: Leftover meatloaf
Wednesday: Baked chicken breats, alfredo noodles, salad
Thursday: Dinner out (work event) so the guys will probably do burgers & fries
Friday: Dinner out (work gala)
Saturday: Homemade pizza! BBQ chicken for me and pepperoni for the boys.

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  1. Changing eating habits is hard work but you can do it!
    I need to change mine but it seems pretty low on the priority list these days


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