Overheard ....

Just a few funnies from my household recently :)
  • "Temperatures in the 70s ... that's short-sleeve weather, right?" (Yes, I had to ask my huband, I forgot what warm weather was like.)
  • "No! Mine!" (My son, while he was "driving" the tractor and I tried to help him turn the wheel)
  • "Cooper, I can tell you have been playing outside today. You stink. I love it." (No extra words needed, right? And where can I bottle up that little boy smell?)
  • "Where are you headed today, ma'am?" (Delta employee when we checked in for our flights a few weeks ago. Me: "Memphis....(I note his odd look)... Oh shoot, I'm in Memphis. Vegas. We're heading to Vegas."
  • "This is like sex," My husband, after biting into his burger at Serendipity.
  • "Gookie (aka cookie)," Yes, my son has realized that impressing his parents by talking will earn him brownie points, AKA bits of chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. My nephew always says the cutest things so I imagine that Coop does too!

  2. Sooo sweet! Cooper is talking?!?! Of course he is! Gah. I feel like I miss so much of the blogging world. I'm shocked to see these words but I shouldn't be. But I feel all like "when did this happen?!" lol.

    The weather is beautiful here this week too! I love it. It got to the 80's today!


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