Midweek randoms :)

Oh, hi there.

Life has been crazy. This is my second day in the office since last MONDAY. Hectic, yes. Wonderful, yes. Time for the blog, no.
  • Earlier this week, I was up in Jefferson City, our state capitol, for some lobbying on behalf of the college where I work. Great trip.
  • One of my co-workers and I decided we should be mother and daughter. After spending a full day with her last week and a lot of time Monday-Wednesday, we've decided that we are way too alike. Which I think scared her husband, who also works for the College.
  • While in Jeff City, I got to go up in the dome and outside of it. Too cool.

  • I swear, my child grew up too much while I was gone. He looks older and bigger. Of course, he shared lots of loving :)
  • I'm helping plan a baby shower for this Sunday and am very excited. It's going to be beautiful!
  • While up north, we had a free afternoon. Since my college is only a half hour away, I went to visit a few former professors/colleagues. So nostalgic.

  • Little Mister has decided he could live outside. Oh, and he likes tractors and doesn't like when someone tries to help him "drive."
  • I think it's safe to say he officially has his first girlfriend. I mean, he lets her pull his hair and everything ...

  • He is also a big fan of brownie dough.
  • OK, break time is over, time to get back to business.

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