No one warned me

Throughout my pregnancy and now that Coop is young, I receive so much advice and warnings from everyone.

Say goodbye to sleep. Actually, my child loves to sleep, thank you very much.

He'll never sleep through the night unless you put some rice cereal in his bottle. Why, he began sleeping 8 hour stretches at six weeks, and was solely on breastmilk until 6 months.

Daycare will make him sick. True. Very true. And, therefore, my immune system seems to be shot out the window as well.

Don't wish his life away. Enjoy the moments that he's little and stop wanting so much for him to crawl and walk. He will, and you'll wish he didn't. So true. Sometimes, I wish he would stay in the same place for three whole seconds.

Whether the suggestions turned out to be true or not true for us, it seems that the most important things are the things no one told you.

No one warned me ...

How my heart would explode pretty much every day ... when he smiles, says mama, and just does sweet little things like pick up Easter eggs and put them in his basket.

How FUN being a parent is. Cooper is my best friend and pretty much the coolest kid in the world.

That when I got on to my kid and saw it hurt his feelings, it would tear me up inside. I guess this is where the saying "This hurts me more than it hurts you" comes from.

Just how immeasurable the love is. It truly is indescribable the love I feel for Cooper. And even though, right now, I can't imagine loving another child this deeply, I know I can. Just like with him, I'll only have to take one look at that beautiful face and I'll be hooked.
Even with feeling this love, I still find it impossible to believe that my parents did/do feel the same way for me.

How much I would enjoy being a working mom. There are so many days that I want to stay at home with him, don't get me wrong. But I like making mhy own money and a difference locally. I see how much Cooper likes daycare and the interaction. So it's a total win-win.

That I would come to cherish the smell of a stinky boy. Because that means he's been having fun playing outside and I think that's what little boys are meant to do. I just want to bottle it up, because I know that all too soon he won't let me hold him and sniff the sweet smell.

I would turn into this sentimental schmuck. I always made fun of people like this ... and now I am one of them.

Hold 'em tight. The time flies by way, way too quickly.

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  1. Beautiful and so true!
    I love stinky boy smell too!!!

  2. Hahah. So true. It is the most frustrating yet rewarding "job" ever. My kids can drive me absolutely mad and I can't wait for them to go to Mama and Papa's and then an hour later, I wish they were back home.


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