Friday five

{1} We have a fancy-schmancy work gala to attend tonight and I am excited. But honestly, I would rather be cuddled up on the couch in my sweats. Getting off work at 1 p.m. sure helps though :)

{2} Earlier this week, I had a mole cut out. It's on my waistline, so pants are kinda out of the question with five stitches. It hurts like hell. But glad to not have to worry about it anymore, provided the testing comes back OK, although the doctor said that's what she would expect.

{3} We finally took Mr. Cooper back in to get his blood work redone earlier this week (when done at his 15 month check, he showed up as being anemic) and praise the lord, the levels all look great. Very blessed to have a good report.

{4} This weekend, there is a big crawfish boil in town and I'm volunteering. I hope the weather is nice, because these events are so much fun!

{5} I'm really, truly, seriously over winter. While we haven't been getting the really bad stuff in this area like north, it's been way too cool and we did have some frost this week. Bring on the 90s!

Have a good weekend :)

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