This weekend, I ....

  • Made two batches of these yummies. 

  • Have filled countless trash cans with Kleenex.
  • Sent my husband to the store for medicine twice.
  • Worked on coughing up a lung or two. 
  • Decided to tell spring to fast forward into summer. 
  • Felt so blessed to have a husband telling me to get rest instead of worrying about cleaning the house and go out to get my meds. 
  • Had my heart explode more times than I can count while watching my baby boy hunt for Easter eggs. 
  • Ate waaaaaay too much. 
  • Left my house an absolute mess. Today, I am alternating between resting and cleaning. 
  • Had a wonderful girls day on Friday. We shopped, I found great deals, we made final plans for decorations for an upcoming baby shower and had lunch with the mama-to-be. So great. 
  • Played with a sweet little seven month old girl. Perfect age. I miss those days. 
  • Baby fever followed. And I had to remind myself of a few Baby No. 2 bucket list items - car paid off, Cooper potty trained, etc. 
  • How was your weekend?

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