Weekend fun!

Yes, it's Tuesday. But we had a fabulous weekend, which unfortunately ended with me having some sort of a stomach bug yesterday - so bad that I only worked a half day. Bed and Gatorade were my best friends yesterday, and I may or may not have sent hubby a text begging him to hurry home. Anyhow, I refuse to let that spoil my happy memories.

{Friday} night hubby and I got all dressed up to attend the ACE awards at the college where I work. I was actually nominated for one of the awards and won! Our president also nominated me as a finalist in his "President's Impact" award, so I was very speechless and touched. More pictures to come once I get them :)

On {Saturday} morning we had some errands to run in town, so hubby and I decided to take Cooper out for breakfast. Since he has quite the attitude, we never know how he is going to behave anymore, but he did very well!

After a bit of debating, we decided to get Cooper his own meal rather than eating off our plates, as he LOVES breakfast. It was a good decision - he got a sausage patty, egg and biscuit, and ate all but half of the biscuit AND one of my sausage patties. Growing boy.

Once we ran our errands, Mister was a tired boy, so we put him down for a nap while I did some laundry, then I headed out to volunteer at a crawfish boil. Our local junior chamber of commerce puts on this event every year, and since they donate to our school, we give back by volunteering. It was raining but they had an awesome crowd! After my shift was over, hubby & baby came up and we enjoyed for a bit.

They had a petting zoo, and Mister LOVED the animals, until they practically knocked him down wanting food.

We had yummy crawfish and a great family afternoon. There are several bands at the event, as it's a music festival as well, so we briefly considered going back once we put Cooper to bed that night. We had our niece lined up to come over and watch TV while he slept and everything, but I changed my mind and decided I didn't want to rush and just wanted to relax with my boys. So we got pizza and chilled. Perfection. 

{Sunday} we got a lot done around the house! Hubby fixed a few spots on our roof, including a place where we had a leak.  He mowed (with the Mister's help!) and did weedeating. I did loads upon loads of laundry and cleaned all of the upstairs, exclusing the spare bedroom. We even made time to do a bit of work in the basement.

And just like that, another weekend had gone by :( Why must they pass so quickly?

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  1. Congrats on your award! That's awesome and what an honor! Also, a pizza night on the weekend just chilling sounds lovely. it may be my Friday night this weekend!


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