Bad dog!

Can you look at this face and not fall in love?
I sure can't. And apparently, some lady dog near our house can't, either.
Back up to Tuesday ... we helped J's sister move some things, so didn't get home until 7. We didn't seek Hank when we got home, but weren't too worried since we were home later than usual.
Wednesday morning neither of us saw him when we left ... but it was an early day. But when I got home Wednesday and his beautiful little face didn't pop up on the porch, I got worried.
An hour later, J got home and his first words were asking about Hank. So we got dressed in our warm clothes and searched. And searched. We got in the truck and drove down the roads in a two or so mile radius of our house, looking in the ditches (with a pit in my stomach ...)
Two hours later, we gave up. I had such mixed emotions. I love my dog. But without a body, I couldn't believe anything happened to him ... which made me really upset to think someone may have stolen my Hanky Pank.
All night, I opened the front door every half hour or so. When I went to bed at 10:30, still no Hank. Yes, I cried.
Thursday morning, woke up, and our boy was on the front porch! Yay! He was punished by being locked in the garage all day.
And then last night, he took off again. When will that boy ever learn?

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